The Brewer Law Office believes in the right of every individual to access the systems in our society that administer justice. Accessing the judicial system may be challenging for people who face financial, language or other barriers. Through our Bold Access program, the Brewer Law Office provides pro bono representation in some circumstances. 

Self-Representation. In many cases, litigants can access justice without legal representation. Self-represented litigants, like parties who have lawyers, must  follow the law and all procedural rules. They must fill out required forms properly and file and serve them on time. The Judicial Council of California website provides Judicial Council forms, fillable and free of charge, and the California Courts website provides information about self help in many types of cases. 

Pro Bono Representation. For financially-challenged individuals who require legal representation, the Bold Access program will provide pro bono representation in some circumstances. To obtain such representation a client must demonstrate an inability to pay attorney's fees and a solid case involving the client's civil rights or other rights of fundamental importance. We will consider requests for pro bono representation on a case by case basis and will base the determination on a number of factors, including attorney availability. (In some pro bono cases, attorney's fees can be recovered from defendants at the end of the case.) To apply for pro bono representation through our Bold Access program, you may submit a form by clicking here. Please read our Online Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer before submitting a form.